will open its doors to the discerning clientele at
Lamunia Hotel, North Lebanon-Qalamoun.

Boasting an atmosphere similar to a beautifully restored apartment interior, this warm and friendly restaurant is enhanced by objects full of character. Surrounded by a charming lush garden, NORDSUD reminds you of your childhood or your holidays in the family country house.

A team of passionate professionals thoroughly trained in the art of hospitality, and carefully selected to bring their passion and expertise and offer a service as professional as the most renowned international hospitality establishments conceives the warm and appetizing international cuisine.

A reflection of the interior, the menu is
creative and welcoming: genuine international cuisine based on the best quality seasonal food.

Designed to delight every taste and every palate, the menu is enhanced by a plat-du-jour that blends excellent taste and pleasing variety and offers you a healthy and balanced lunch each day of the week.